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I made my first oil painting when I was aged 10 in 1964. It was a sailing boat making headway past a lighthouse. My Dad who was a keen amateur artist at the time lent me a piece of board and let me loose with his oil paint. He was very brave,  oil paint travels well. The painting must have turned out okay judging by his response off a gruff northern "you little bugger"  when I proudly showed him my effort. I still use his handmade pochade box and a much dented watercolour tin tray. When it comesd to drawing with and applying paint I still consifder myself self taught though I did enjoy success on a Foundation course in art and design at Bolton University and later studied the History of art with the OU at Masters level.


I love colour both bright and moody and I like surfaces were paint has been allowed to develop its own nuances and creative form. I work as a seascape and landscape painter exploring the topography and energy of the West Coasts and landscapes of Britain.  Starting with my home county of Lancashire and the rest of the North. For me,  making a painting is like making a poem, it is both an expression of a feeling and an impression of a place; whether my focus is the brightening field corner, the running shadows of a stream or the feeling of awe in mountainous spaces across a sunny sea or under stormy skies. I try and portray the sublime in nature.  I enjoy working outsideas it  makes this experience a direct one. Depending on the nuances of the paint the wind or sun or rain my work finishes somewhere between abstraction and figurative. For me this is part of an almost spiritual occupation full of emotive intensity a journey where the end is never a constant and where sometimes a painting may take years to complete.


I am the Resident Artist for the Lingholm Estate on the shores of Derwentwater.  I also work frequently in Spain and Portugal. . My artwork and something about how and why I paint have been featured in Spanish, Portuguese and British publications. Featured artist and twice in the Art Of England and in art news the most widely read Art magazines.


You can see my work in Galleries, in my studio, on my regular unframed Fridays at Falcon Mill and also by arrangement. On line you can visit me at Commissions form a large part of my work I've undertaken a wide variety both private and public you can check out this work on


My work is in private collections in Britain, Europe and in the USA.


To see a short video of my work by the photoghrapher Gerry McLoughlin please click here


"Highly recommended artist Rob Millers landscape paintings are focussed on the rural areas of Britain and Europe, the narratives of his colourful paintings display a maturity and depth of understanding that set him apart from his peers"

Linda Schultz Director Barefoot Gallery Leeds

"Painting from nature is not copying the object it is realising ones sensations." Paul Cezanne

WE Solomens Temple Brinscall oil on board 20x30 Â Rob Miller Keswick art society