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By Rob Miller, Aug 26 2017 10:16AM

I started this painting almost three years ago from the small road that runs to Twistleton and past Beezleys above the River Doe it gives a great view of West side of the fell and parking etc isnt hard.. I stood working between showers on one of those splendid bright Dales days. Ingleborough the place of the gods, its flat topped shape can be viewed more or less wherever I wonder around the Ribble Valley, its also the final fell on the three peaksmarathon event and its steep slopes represented hell for my tired legs. For me as a painter who is sometimes catagorised as a post impressionist, Ingleboroughs Limestone coloursand and form is distinctive and on a summers day close as you can get in the UK to Paul Cezannes mountain scenes... All in all a brilliant place to paint.

By Rob Miller, Jul 18 2017 11:57AM

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Landscape Painting demonstrations and workshops. An acrylic painting of the Lancashire's West Pennine Moors title "Lancashire Summer" artist Rob Miller

Almost a year ago my blog was lost due to the change over from google to Go Daddy. It was a popular blog with over 80,000 hits and good links to pinterest. Ive decided to upload some of the original files so that I can refer to them when I do demonstrations and work shops. I tend to work more in oils now then acrylics so here an acrylic painting from about 8 years ago from the very popular Lancashire summer series. This particular piece is from my en plein air studies near Rivington Chorley.

The layers of paint laid are quite thinly and allowed to run and pool wherever they land and left as such if their nuances enhance the painting. Textures are defined by working into the washes with palette and brush to produce layers of texture added to by a dry brush technique. Paint is aso flicked and smattered and whole item redrawn with liquitex ink.

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A painting of Lancashire titled "Lancashire Summer"  artist Rob Miller
A painting of Lancashire titled "Lancashire Summer" artist Rob Miller
A painting of Lancashire titled "Lancashire Summer"  artist Rob Miller
A painting of Lancashire titled "Lancashire Summer" artist Rob Miller

By Rob Miller, May 3 2017 05:25PM

I made my way for the second time in a week back out again into the wild green yonder, well Lancashire’s pride, Turton Tower that is. Turton Tower is a wonderful well preserved Historic House looked after by the Local Lancashire Council and by a whole herd of volunteers. I went there to practice painting an historic house and garden at Gawthorpe Hall in the Paint Padiham event in two weeks time. However I have to say that Turton Tower and grounds look great. I set up my tackle in a new garden at the bottom edge of the main lawn. The clouds lifted the sun came out and the ancient Yew made a great composition piece alongside the many centuries of architectural styles. Sadly the Café was closed but I am beginning to think that old houses and gardens with cafes, benches, car parks and WC’s are maybe a more comfortable place to paint than the wilderness. Mmm Lingholm, Whalley Abbey, Turton Tower, Gawthorpe’s beginning to sound like a collection.

Pochade Turton Tower ancient Yews in spring.
Pochade Turton Tower ancient Yews in spring.

By Rob Miller, Jan 4 2017 05:07PM

An excursion south to the New Forest produced this painting of Black Knowl in the morning. The ancient English New Forest is a special place to paint whatever the time of year, the sigh of the breeze in the trees awakening birdlife and deer moving across the landscape as you paint. All this despite the hoards of Londoners fresh from the city. This amazing legacy of English and British beauty shows the importance of our national parks. They need to conserved, treasured and not exploited and destroyed for profit for the personal gain of individual at the head of international cooperations.

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