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Pochade Turton Tower

By Rob Miller, May 3 2017 05:25PM

I made my way for the second time in a week back out again into the wild green yonder, well Lancashire’s pride, Turton Tower that is. Turton Tower is a wonderful well preserved Historic House looked after by the Local Lancashire Council and by a whole herd of volunteers. I went there to practice painting an historic house and garden at Gawthorpe Hall in the Paint Padiham event in two weeks time. However I have to say that Turton Tower and grounds look great. I set up my tackle in a new garden at the bottom edge of the main lawn. The clouds lifted the sun came out and the ancient Yew made a great composition piece alongside the many centuries of architectural styles. Sadly the Café was closed but I am beginning to think that old houses and gardens with cafes, benches, car parks and WC’s are maybe a more comfortable place to paint than the wilderness. Mmm Lingholm, Whalley Abbey, Turton Tower, Gawthorpe’s beginning to sound like a collection.

Pochade Turton Tower ancient Yews in spring.
Pochade Turton Tower ancient Yews in spring.
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