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By Rob Miller, Aug 26 2017 10:16AM

I started this painting almost three years ago from the small road that runs to Twistleton and past Beezleys above the River Doe it gives a great view of West side of the fell and parking etc isnt hard.. I stood working between showers on one of those splendid bright Dales days. Ingleborough the place of the gods, its flat topped shape can be viewed more or less wherever I wonder around the Ribble Valley, its also the final fell on the three peaksmarathon event and its steep slopes represented hell for my tired legs. For me as a painter who is sometimes catagorised as a post impressionist, Ingleboroughs Limestone coloursand and form is distinctive and on a summers day close as you can get in the UK to Paul Cezannes mountain scenes... All in all a brilliant place to paint.

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