Rob Miller artist

Paintings of Spain and Portugal

A painting of sunflowers on the outskirts of Sevelle Andalucia by British landscape artist Rob Miller Painting of  Early summer Vineyards Sante Margarida Montimor O Novo Portugal by British Artist Rob Miller

Paintings of Iberia


My paintings of Spain, Portugal  and Gibraltar, the  Iberian Peninsula, began one mid winter’s day in 2007. I embarked on a short walk from a loud bar filled tourist town that  hugs the Spanish Costa del Sol coastline. As a landscape artist and painter after talking to the Brits who holiday there,  I had been dismissive  of finding any Landscape that would justify carrying my heavy easel and canvas’s.  I was to be proved very wrong.  After a steep climb of an hour up a gorge that was not to dissimilar to Northern Englands,  Gordedale Scar;  I came across a step in an alpine hillside. The narrow vale was filled with oak trees, groves of olives and perfumed thickets of tall  Tamarisk.  It was also alive with the sound of bees,  goat bells and overhead a pair of soaring eagles.  I sat sketching mesmerised by the beauty of Andalucía my view a look down a cascade of steep limestone,  a haze of lush golden meadows ablaze with wild flowers,   more steepness and then a line of creamy white Moor’ish buildings and a long strip of azure stretching to a hazed magenta African shore. Ten years and many explorations later across Spain and Portugal I have never grown bored with the landscapes, people or artists finding constant inspiration and friendliness. I hope you enjoy this online gallery.


If you are interesed in a painting or drawing, some are still available as originals and prints.

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