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Welcome to the new Iceland room in my online gallery. Its taken me over a year to get from the stage of small watercolours to an oil painting of Iceland  and the small schooner Huakur moored at the jetty at Flatey. Flatey, Husavik is a small island of the North Coast of |Iceland. I sailed there to do some bird and whale watching on the small schooner Haukur. Haukur is part of the North Sailing Fleet based at Husavik. The views from Flatey were exceptionally wild.  I also spent a lot of time on the boat as we sailed through hail and sleet trying to sketch and photograph the experience. I've already blogged these but will be uploading more work as it progresses onto this  Iceland experience page.


Flatey as the name suggests is a very flat Island bedecked with puffins and many other seabirds, It is a place of cultural heritage with an ex monastery and an ex library.  The views across the sea of  the iced mountains of the main land stretched on forever. Of legend is the spot where an Icelander was last eaten by a polar bear which are no longer at the top of the islands food chain due to the receding ice thanks to global warming. The island is only inhabited in the summer months except for a small band in the deep winter. The old houses are fascinating, restored in many cases.  More to follow.


Hrisey the top painting is a long flat Island  backed across the Eyjafjordur by high snow clad Mountains Its got nice pub, small hotel and a swimming pool fed by a hot spring. The Island is renown for the energy in its strong leylines.

Landscape Paintings of  Iceland

Schooner Haukar at Grimsey Iceland oil on canvas Rob Miller 08-Feb-17 11-29-05 AM.psd-001 WE Hrisey Isalnd in the  Eyjafjordur 24-Mar-17 12-24-36 PM 24-Mar-17 12-24-36 PM

Saeborgarfjar Hrisey Isalnd in Eyjafjordur Oil on canvas Rob Miller RSA