Rob Miller artist

Macclesfield Art Room at the Grosvenor Centre Gallery

Macclesfield Art Room . Grosvenor Centre 2017 . Rob Miller FRSA 


Welcome to this brief Christmas 2017 online guide of my artwork and paintings currently on show at the Macclesfield Art Room Cheshire courtesy of the Grosvenor Centre. They will be available  througout November and December 2017, You will find belowmy narratife for the work on show.


For me, making a landscape or a seascape painting is like making a poem, it is both an expression of a feeling and an impression of a place; Whether my focus is the brightening field corner, the running shadows of a stream or the feeling of awe in wild spaces under changing skies I try and portray the sublime in nature.  Working outside, makes this a felt experience. Depending on the nuances of the paint, the wind or the sun, my work finishes somewhere between abstraction and figurative. For me this is part of an almost spiritual occupation full of emotive intensity a journey where the start is never a constant and completion is when it arrives.


The works featured in this show are selected from a number of themes that I work along.


Western Isles seascapes have a narrative that concerns the Atlantic shore line of Scotland,  the gloaming which is the fleeting northern light, and its echoes in the ebb and flow of the tides. This is my third series focussing on this area.  They have a much diminished human presence.


A long term series focussing on the word ‘Northern’ painted in a format developed by the Impressionists en plein air pochades, They are of found places during my weekend country rambles over hill and dale, past rivers and Lakes. They constitute places explored more deeply and memories concerned with colours. Painted outdoors by Rivers and on Lakes many feature the Lune and Ribble Valleys, Derwentwater and Ulleswater following in Turners and Ruskin’s footsteps.


Yorkshires Gold and Cludders Stack inspired by Ted Hughes poems in his book Elmet they are concerned with summertime along the Lancashire Yorkshire border on the high moors from Bronte Country to Cliviger.


Below are a small selection of the works available-