Rob Miller artist

WE Far Bank End Farm  27-Mar-17 3-32-006

Lancashire  and Yorkshire  Landscape Paintings

The lie of the land


" The landscape is one of the most powerful and atmospheric themes in art. It can capture shared experiences of the land, transport us to new locales or challenge us with new interpretations of familiar scenes. Englands North West region has many diverse, rich, landscapes and coastal scenery; that have been popular with painters through the ages.  I'm lucky enough to be close to some great scenery and places to explore. My love of walks and explorations have taken me to the highest and lowest parts of this  wild place."

Pendle View Far Bank End Rossendale 1000 x 900 cm commission

Basket black small Basket black small


" I spend my time exploring the nature of things:  the land itself, its movement, its stillness, space, lightness and freedom. Inspired by the simple creative act of walking and making marks that concern a place, a locality, a time, distance and topography. The materials, I use the raw pigments, have their own movement across the canvas they are made from the earth itself reflecting and redeveloping the reality of landscape."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Rob Miller