Rob Miller artist

Paintings Portugal; by Rob Miller

A vista do Cromeleque Anta do San Brissos, Alentej

The view from Sante Ano Sante by Rob Miller watercolour on paper.

Paintings of  PORTUGALS  MONTADO  Selected paintings by Rob Miller


I am equally passionate about the environment as I am about my work as a landscape artist. Whether I am at home in the Northern Uk., in Europe or further afield.  Wildlife and the natural environment on a local scale and the things we do in it are affected by Nation States and Governments. For me the landscape artist must work with others to record, protect and make the case for a substantable environment. I have been a regular visitor to the Alentej  which is an area situated in the heart of Portugal. Initially spending time in the vast cork oak forests with painters and poets and recently exploring the Botanical Gardens in Lisbon and the Coastline near Setubal and Trioa. It was a real pleasure to be asked to make a contribution to the Portuguese magazine Memoria Alentejano nos 33/34 2014 and to write  how I as an artist I see the landscape before me.

PORTUGALS PESTAN TRIOR PRAIA  manha olhando para o norte para Arrabida selected paintings by Rob Miller.

Paintings of  Portugals Coast . Pestan Trior Praia . Pinturas da Costa Portuguesa


This is great beach to paint a pur pale spear of sand that curves into a vast ocean of blue in one direction and in the other the jutting headland of Sutebal with its monestries and steep sided slopes.

Painting in Portugal Rob Miller Sketchbook 2016


On my painting trips I always carry a small sketch book and a windsor and newton pocket watercolour set with me, I dont set out with any great plan but I try to record the things of visual interest to me at that time. In 2016 my theme moved away from painting the oak forests to a look at Painting Portguese Botanical  Gardens in Lisbon, the garden of an artist friend, the gardens in the mountainous North of Portugal  and finally the garden of an artists friends beach house on the coast at Trioa.

Plansel Selecta


Quinta PLANSEL had its origins in the systematic selection of the best grapevine varieties in the country. In the 1970s and 1980s, these grapevine varieties were still being planted in mixed vineyards. By way of acknowledging our pioneering work in introducing certified varietal grapevine propagation material to Portugal, we named our current flagship brand PLANSEL SELECTA. The name Plansel comes from plantas seleccionadas - selected plants, and refers to the best autochthonous vine material which has been selected by Hans-Jörg Böhm, the well-known grapevine breeder, and defined as the elite Portuguese grapevine varieties. The Plansel range has elegance and depth; its wines give expression to the special terroir of Montemor-o-Novo, bringing to the fore their own distinctive character, finesse and outstanding quality. This range features the varietals Tinta Barroca, Touriga Franca and, of course, Touriga Nacional.