Rob Miller artist

Small Landscape group . Painting in the West Pennines with Rob Miller . Brinscall

Short course starts May 2019

Brinscall is a small village situated on a steep hillside opposite the South Western Edge of the West Pennine Moors. The areas  location offers the Landscape painter a wide variety of narratives both naturally topographical and manmade, sometimes harmonious and sometimes in conflict. High open moorlands below huge skies, a sea of bright grasses blessed with  hidden  gems that are waiting for the artist; tumbled field corners, old stone built farms, ancient copses,  all with distant views of the Irish Sea.  There are a variety of newly planted and ancient beech woodlands each with its tumbling stream at Roddlesworth, White Coppice or Wheelton Plantation. The area has a smattering of old Manors and halls, small hamlets and small villages  both pre industrial revolution as well as those built during Lancashire’s industrial revolution. There is plenty to get one’s teeth into.


The short course includes aspects off  


Choosing a ground and surface.

Landscape drawing in different mediums.

Referencing music and poetry.

Developing ideas ( using acrylics and mixed media.)

Painting with oils.

Plein aire painting

Studio work.



I'm looking to start a small landscape painting group – course.  The theme or narrative of the course would be Visual explorations of the Landscapes of the West Pennine Moors. The focil point will be Brinscall. I believe that we could begin at end of April 2019 until the summer for a period of about 6-10 weeks.  There will be a maximum of 6 people. The group would be participative in nature and project based. The meeting point would be in my home studio, my studio at Falcon Mill Bolton and  en plein air in the West Pennines.


To make this happen there are lots of things that I need to sort out.  But the best way for me to start is for me to begin. My background includes a B Ed Hons and I have years of experience in working with people in a participative way. I also have many years of visually exploring landscapes. If your a painter and artist and interested in joining please email me [email protected] or telephone me on 07841140562.