Rob Miller artist

Paintings of the Outer Hebrides Western Isles Scotland coastal landscapes

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On this page you will find coastal landscapes of the Hebrides or Scotlands Western Isles.  The paintings are in oils, Watercolour, drawings in charcoal and mixed media will be available on line soon. Limited edition giclee prints are also available.  

Ashaig Isle of Skye

Art prints are available of the paintings The Croft with the rusted roof and Croft in storm light and the watercolour of Ashaig featured below. Both prints and origionals can be seen in a number of places throughout the Hebrides.

Ashaig Graveyard Isle of Skye, this is an especially beautiful and ancient setting to paint.

"Why do I paint the Hebrides? A place that can be cold and damp with strong winds?  Are they not to  difficult a conditions for the artist.? I have always been drawn to exploring the  landscapes and seascapes  of the Hebrides. I have managed to do this over the years  by sail exploring the outer and inner Hebrides. and by foot.  My Hebridean landscape paintings focus primarliy on Isles of Harris, Lewis because this was my first choice of place as I excaped to get as far away as possible from a job in a crowded council office  in Bolton. The memories of  those days of freedom roaming the hills and shoreline have stayed with me ever since as the narrative for my work."

The two croft paintings featured here were painted during my frst visit to the Outer Hebrides and to  Mull and Jura. I was on a solo walking holiday and msitakenly thought the names on the map reffered to villages..instead I was met with single buldings at that time abandoned and I was struck by the difficulty of terrian and remote locations of these homes and work places. I spent some time hungry and in need of a good pint of beer. The holiday was an escape  and I hadnt spent much time in planning..just threw tent stove and painting gear into my car  drobve north and ended up disembarking from the Caladenion Macbane feerry.